chicken biryani

(april 2012)

Thanks to Wilunga Farmers Market stall holders for the produce a few weeks ago for the autumn cook up at the market. Here's the recipe with Inman Valley chooks; B.-d. Paris Creek products; Fleurieu Milk Company cream; Hardings Fine Foods products; Beach Organics spices; Herbivorous herbs; Hillside Herbs chili; and Clear Hills garlic just to mention a few.....

chicken biryani 

serves army.......(about 8)

200 ml Hardings peanut oil
100 g B.-d. Farm Paris Creek butter chopped into 1cm knobs.
2.2 kg Inman Valley chook
250 ml Fleurieu cream
60 g Hardings ginger
1 large onion
3 cloves garlic, crushed
Beach Organics fleur de sel salt
3 Beach Organics cardamon pods bruised
2 Beach Organics cinnamon quills
5 Beach Organics cloves
1 tablespoon Hardings curry powder
250 g thick B.-d. Farm Paris Creek yogurt
½ bunch Herbivorous mint, leaves picked and ripped
few saffron strands
2 cups basmati rice
1 cup Four Leaf Milling 85% light flour mixed with a little water to make a "dough lid" for cooking

Bone out chook and dice meat into 1 inch chunks. Put bones in pot with about a litre of cold water on medium heat for a "10 min stock", to yield 900 ml.

Meanwhile par-cook rice in plenty of salted water, strain after about 7 mins.

In a fry pan over a medium heat sauté onion and garlic in peanut oil, add cardamon, cinnamon, clove and curry powder. Add chook and sauté to cover in spices. Add yogurt and sea salt, cook out until dry. Add stock and simmer till chook just cooked. Strain, set stock and meat aside separately.

In a casserole or claypot layer up half the spiced chook-mix, half the separated stock, mint, half the cream, half the chopped butter, half the rice and season with sea salt. Repeat layer process with remaining half of ingredients. Add soaked saffron ....finishing with a layer of rice.

To make the dough lid blend flour with a pinch of salt and about 100 ml of lukewarm water. Squish together for a minute or so. Place the dough on a floured benchtop and roll into a round the same diameter as the casserole or claypot you've used to layer the chicken and rice in.

Seal the dish with the dough lid and bake 15mins 180°C. When cooked, bust through crust and serve.