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There's lots happening this year, so pop back and check out this page for more events and demos if you want to catch me. All information is correct at the time of listing, but dates and times may be subject to change without notice...etc etc know what I mean!



tasting australia

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when: 30 april to 7 may 2017

where:  south australia

details:  program to be released 22 february

read more:: tasting australia



rspca million paws walk

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time:  from 8am

where:  bonython park | adelaide

details:  cooking breakfast for vip fundraisers

read more:: web link



the big lunch

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time:  11.30am - 3pm

where:  adelaide central market

details:  guest chef  |  soup course

bookings:  online | early bird tickets available until 31 may

more info:  the big issue